Wednesday, September 15, 2010

258/365 Shhhh.......

Don't tell their daddy that I took these pictures.
He certainly wouldn't approve of his boys doing their sister's hair and makeup.
And I am certainly not the type of mama who would run to grab my camera and document it when I hear Tyler talking about what color bow would would go perfect with Jaci's outfit.
And I certainly didn't laugh (and LOVE how sweet it was) when I heard Tyler tell Jaci that he has to put her lip gloss on because if she does it with her princess gloves on it will get them dirty.
And I would NEVER take a picture of my John Deere loving son stomping around in Snow White princess shoes.
Nope...Not me!
And when my kids pick up princess wands and begin to try to cast spells on one another and turn eachother into frogs, I certainly didn't sit on the bed and laugh at their craziness!
I am absolutely not the type of mother that would ever take pictures of my boys that will be perfect to blackmail them with down the road.
This never happened...  :)

(Oh...and ignore the ugly house in the background!  In 5-6 months I will have one I am proud to show...this one I am NOT!)


  1. Sweet boys! They look like the best big brothers.

  2. Thanks Lindsey! They are pretty good big brothers. Tyler and Jaci get along really well. Jackson and Jaci get along well when Tyler isn't around. Today was just one of those days when everyone was having a good day and they all got along. I am so thankful for afternoons like this!