Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today was a super busy day but we had a great time bargain shopping at Lowe's.   They were having a huge Labor Day sale with 20% off of the appliances we were wanting to get for our house.   I started doing some math and discovered that with the 20% off and then our 10% off new movers coupon topped with the manufactures rebates we would be saving over $700 off of what our builders direct sales guy could do.  (And we thought his prices were amazing a few months ago!)  Oh...and we got a nicer range and microwave than we had selected through the builder's guy.  I am thrilled!  I know it seems crazy to buy the appliances before we have the house built (or even started!) but Lowe's will store them for you on site and you just call them when you want them delivered.  I have always known that Labor Day and Memorial day were some of the best times to buy appliances but our deals today just blew me away.  It took some creativity and a lot of research to get it all figured out for the maximum discount for the best appliances but it worked out great!  I saved close to $1,500 between 4 appliances and managed to get all 4 appliances (the nice ones at that!) for just a little more than what our refrigerator would have cost us if we had bought it full price.  Now that is some bargain shopping!  I am loving me some Lowe's right now!
After Lowe's we headed to Home Depot just to look around and then we headed to Wal-Mart for some dreaded grocery shopping.  I hate Wal-Mart on the weekends!
Once home we enjoyed some time outside.  Tyler is suddenly into playing football after going to the game on Friday.  It is cute to watch and I think Jacob is really excited.  Before now Tyler has shown no interest in playing sports.  It is nice that they can all get out there and play together now because before he never wanted to join in on the fun.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
I am off to take some NyQuil and head to bed.  I feel so terrible and just want to sleep!

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