Thursday, September 16, 2010


We are getting closer to building...
So close I can't help but be excited!
Tomorrow we are set to close on our lot!  (YAY!!!)
And after our builder gets back from a week long hunting trip, (sigh) he will begin clearing our lot!
(It really is OK...we have known about this trip for months's just unfortunate that it happens to fall the week after we close on our lot.)
We are so ready get get moving on this project!
Tomorrow is also my birthday!  It is the second anniversary of my 29th birthday.  :)
I am praying for a drama free day where the only thing I want to hear is, "We have your lot!"
Tiffany is going to come in tomorrow and spend the day here and then we are going out for supper at Perini Ranch!
We were married at Perini Ranch and have only been back once since our wedding.  I am excited to go!

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