Monday, September 13, 2010


We have been working really hard around here on school work.
Jaci and Tyler are supposed to be coloring every day.
Tyler has always HATED coloring.  He would not do it.  We worked on it through the summer, but just last week since starting school, he has really taken off with the coloring and holding his color the right way.  I am so thrilled to see his progress!
Jaci has always liked to learn.  In fact she just took off this summer and learned all her letters and sounds and started putting some words together,  but oddly enough she has never been a big fan of coloring when you are telling her what to do.  She would prefer to color on her own terms which usually means coloring one thing here and there.  We are still working on how she holds her colors.  I don't think her teacher is as picky as Tyler's teacher is.
She will get there though, and today she actually sat and listened to me for about 45 minutes.  Then she was on to her own thing which was not holding her color right and scribbling on the pages.
They were both so happy when I told them that school is tomorrow.  They don't quite understand why they don't go on Monday and Friday like Jackson.
Speaking of Jackson.  This kid just won't let me get a decent picture of him doing anything.  He runs from the camera or hides his face, sticks his tongue out or makes a goofy face.  Until he cooperates you get goofy faced Jackson!
We have a parent teacher meeting tomorrow to see how he is doing this year.  His tutor says he is progressing nicely and he is making good grades in school but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.
He will get there though!

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