Wednesday, September 1, 2010

244/365 8 Months into 365 Photo Project!

I can't believe I've been able to keep up this blog every day for 8 months!  I am so happy that I have done this and stuck with it.  In fact I am enjoying it so much (most days) that I might keep it going next year.  I'm not promising anything though.
I am pretty sure Jackson would prefer me to stop.  He can't stand for me to take his picture.
Miss Jaci doesn't quite know what to think about this project but I am assuming the reason she is upset here is because I never got around to doing her birthday post and video.  Today I FINALLY made myself sit down and get it done.  I am pretty sure that this year of the original 365 Photo Project will be the only year I do birthday videos.  They are A LOT of work...but they are also a lot of fun to look back on!  Looking through all of our old pictures only added to my sadness.  I feel like the entire tone of things has changed since we have been here.  Today while looking through pictures I really noticed that the tone of my pictures really changed after we moved here.  I'm just not inspired here and this house is so tiny and ugly.  I just don't want it in pictures.  Anyway...enough rambling.
Here is Jaci's 4 Year old Birthday video!

Jaci May...You are my little Mini Me!  It is frightening how much you are like me.  My sweet little perfect baby has now turned into a feisty full of life toddler!  At 4 years old you love playing dress up and you are particular about your princess costumes.  You love to get me in on the dress up action as well.  You LOVE your little orange Kitty Meow and it still goes everywhere with you.  You love your brothers, but when they are together you fight non stop with them.  When you have one on one time with one of them you all get along so well.  You are smart.  I love watching you learn and how excited you are about it.  You are so excited to start school next week.  You are such a girl but you can also get out there and mix it up with the boys as well.  You demand equal time with your daddy practicing sports.  (He loves that!)  You are strong willed,  hard headed and so passionate about things but at the same time you are also caring and gentle and like to mother and protect things.  I am certain that no matter what you choose to do in life you will be OK. 
We have loved watching you grow and change!
Happy Birthday Jaci May! 
Mommy and Daddy love you so much! 


  1. That made me cry too!! She definitely is your little "Mini Me"!