Monday, March 8, 2010


This is the last Monday we will ever be in this house! Hard to believe! Today things really started to fall into place. We found out the appraisal went well and that all of the loan paperwork for the buyers should be fine. That was kind of the last hurdle we had to cross and although they were pre approved our realtor still told us not to get too excited about things until the closing because anything could happen. Of course anything still could happen but we at least feel like we are on the right track. The moving company also came today and it looks like they will pack us on Monday, load us on Tuesday, and drive there and unload us on Wednesday. It is strange having an actual timeline. Jacob is in the new house which he says is so extremely dirty. Thank goodness he knows how to clean. He said if I had been up there to see what it looked like that I probably wouldn't have wanted to stay. Let's hope it is all better by next week when I get there!

Tonight the kids and I made Chicken and Dumplings. I was actually making them when AT&T called me back about setting up our new service in Albany. Jackson kind of took over for me and then the little kids had to join in. It was cute to watch them and they LOVED doing it. Of course I had a HUGE mess to clean up after they were done and the dumplings were a little interesting and smashed together but they had fun and took care of one of my least favorite jobs when cooking dumplings so I didn't mind. It has been a productive wonderful day!
I didn't have another rolling pin so Jaci and Tyler had to use a cup.  It worked well!

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