Tuesday, March 30, 2010


More visible signs that Spring is here...We started baseball today! The league here is WAY smaller than in Lockhart but I think it is going to be good. In Lockhart we had practice 2 times a week and games 3-4 times a week. Practice started in early March and the final game was the end of May. It was a bit much. Here we just started practice today and only have practice once a week. We have our first game on April 10 and our final game the first weekend in May. The games are only on Saturdays. We have 2 weeks with 2 games in a day and 2 weeks with 1 game. FOUR weeks of baseball! I would like for it to be a little longer but I am SO happy that it isn't as long or as involved as it was in Lockhart. It is a nice change of pace.
It was also great to meet some other parent's and for Jackson to meet some more kids. So far everyone has been really nice. We stayed after practice and played at the school playground. The kids had fun and we had a nice time visiting with the coach. Overall it was a great evening.
A ladybug!
I better head off to bed. We have a field trip to the Zoo tomorrow and an Easter egg hunt. It should be another busy but fun day.
Oh...and Jackson did great during practice.  Can you tell he is happy about it?

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