Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today has been one of those crazy busy days where we have been on the go ALL DAY! Jaci had her appointment with the urologist for some follow up testing so we had to go to Austin bright and early this morning. The guy doing one of Jaci's tests didn't catch that the sensors on Jaci had come off so we didn't get any of the results that we really needed to get. It was extremely frustrating and we decided not to put her through anything else today. We are just going to continue with the daily antibiotics for the next 6 months and retest her again at that time.
After Jaci's appointment we headed to San Marcos to meet up with my friend Tammy for lunch. This has been a long week of goodbyes. We had a nice visit until the kids started melting down from being so tired. After lunch we headed home and then up to Jackson's school to start getting the paperwork together to withdrawal him tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is his last day at Bluebonnet.
After getting Jackson we headed out to Gale's house to do a photo shoot with Jennifer and her 2 kids. It was my best shoot with both her kids so far. I also took the time to take a few pictures of my kids while out there. They just wanted to play and were not in the mood for me to take pictures so I just shot one of each for the blog. Ignore Jackson's terrible hair. He needs a hair cut so badly and although I had fixed it before we went out there he was jumping on the trampoline and messed it up. Oh well.

Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day so I am going to get to bed early tonight.

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