Thursday, March 25, 2010


Things seem to be getting a lot better for Jackson at school. He came home yesterday so excited about playing kick ball and couldn't wait to play again today. He had never played at his old school which seems odd to me. He had also never played red rover red rover. How is that possible? I am so happy that he is starting to enjoy school. He also came home today excited to have made a 100 on his spelling test. He has always made a 100 on his spelling tests in Lockhart but he has REALLY struggled here all week long. We spent 3 hours on spelling last night and he still wasn't getting it. I was very proud of him. He earned that grade!

The little ones continue to move along not phased at all by the move. The only thing they really seem to miss is seeing Gale and her girls and Bonnie. All of these people became so important to us while Jacob was gone and now we are really missing them. Jaci will ask about when we will see them again and Tyler will say "In just a few that right mom?" It is pretty cute.

Jacob's job is going well and we officially closed on our house so it looks like we are to stay.  Hard to believe we have been here a week today.

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  1. Hey, Tara
    Jacob gave me the address for your blog spot. I have enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading about your lives. Just remember we are only two hours away and would love for you guys to come and visit. I think you will eventually love west Texas and never want to leave! As for Jackson - hang in there. Schools out here do seem to have a more rigorous curriculum which in the long run is a great thing. I know it is hard now, but it will get easier. Hope you have a great weekend! Tell the kids and Jacob we said Hi!
    Shela Tucker