Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our day started off with this...
Don't you just love how our moving company creatively packed things for us in storage?
We had to unpack all of this out of storage to find these...
Notice the box...under all the other boxes that is clearly marked house.  We found 6 of these.  The most important one being the kids bedding was at the very back on the very bottom.  I was a little annoyed.

We also discovered things like this...
That would be our kitchen table busted up.

And this was my view when it was time to start putting everything up.
Now you know why I love our moving company so much.

The great part of my day was that the kids came home and this little house doesn't feel so lonely.
They at least make it feel a little more like home.
Oh...and they happen to think the house is great!  (I wish I shared their excitement).
I have been having a couple of really bad days and have been really missing my house and friends.  I hope that now that the kids are home I will snap out of this funck.

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