Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tonight is the first night that I have felt a little more settled in this house.  We officially got everything totally cleaned and all put up.  Although all of the unpacking was done last week we had just placed things in the closet or not totally hooked up everything neatly so it needed to be done.  It feels so good to be done with that.  We also were able to cook with the new oven/stove today and I think that really helped the way I was feeling about the house.  When one thing is off it all feels off.  At least now that we can cook I feel like we can function in this house.
The kids spent a lot of the day outside while I was inside cleaning.  Jacob also was able to mow the weeds...I mean yard.  We got a lot accomplished but once again my pictures are lacking.  Maybe now that we are a little more settled I will start working more on pictures.
Jackson has a short week at school this week and a field trip on Wednesday so it should be a busy but fun week!  I am looking forward to meeting some other parents from his class.  I miss having friends locally.  Although my friends are just a phone call or an email away it just isn't the same.

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