Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today was a better day for Jackson at school other than the fact that we discovered that areas where he was far advanced in Lockhart are areas where he is now behind here in Albany.  We kind of thought he might be a little behind but not this bad.  He had really high grades in Lockhart and came home today with a 74.  We are going to have to work really hard to get him up to their standards.  It is frustrating but we moved here because the schools were so good so hopefully this frustration now will all pay off in the end.  Jackson and I were both in tears by the time his homework was done.  He is sad...I am sad.  We both feel really lost.  The little ones haven't missed a beat and Jacob is pretty settled in here so he isn't phased much.  It makes it hard for him to understand why I am sad.  Although I am happy to be here and have this house I am still missing my friends and missing having a house that is my own to work on and buy things for.  I just feel lost here and am so ready for it to start feeling like our home.
Oh...I finally got internet service!  Yay!  Now I won't feel so disconnected from my friends.

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