Wednesday, March 24, 2010


He gets it from his mama...
My little man Tyler LOVES cameras and LOVES to take pictures all the time. I put new batteries in that camera this morning and by this evening they were already running low. He took pictures of everything today. My favorite is him taking a picture of his prize hog tooth and his John Deere belt buckle.
Cracks me up.
I spoke with Jackson's teacher today about how behind he is from the other students in his class. We are hopefully coming up with a good plan to get him caught up. It is hard to go from being one of the top students in a class to being so far behind. We spent around 3 hours on homework tonight. It is driving us all crazy because I am constantly on the little ones to be quiet so he can concentrate and they are getting angry and Jackson is getting angry and then we all have a melt down. After much frustration on Jackson's part I finally loaded his spelling list to an online site and decided to let him have some fun while hopefully learning. I think it finally worked and he at least wasn't angry with me for making him do his words over and over again until he got them right.
It was kind of rainy and cooler this evening so we were forced to cook inside which means cook in the microwave. I am really over this no stove/oven thing. We tried for 30 minutes to get it up and running and still only 2 burners lit and the oven will not turn on. The knob is broken off but even with pliers or one of the other knobs we still couldn't get it on. We are going to call again tomorrow and see if our landlord will fix it. I can live with a small house short term but I don't think we can make it without an oven.  Believe it or not my kids are getting tired of pasta bowls and TV dinners.

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