Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today we spent most of our day FREEZING and unpacking boxes.  We have found A LOT of broken things and have discovered that a lot of things that were supposed to come to the house were apparently put in storage by the movers.  Things like my kitchen dishes, the boys bedding and shoes, the pillows for the couch and the Wii.  We are not too happy with our moving company right now.  The kids were supposed to come home tomorrow but we need an extra day to get things in order and unpack our storage building to find the things we need.  It is also supposed to get really cold tomorrow with snow/rain/sleet mix so it probably wouldn't be the best time for the kids to come home.

Not to worry though...the kids seem to be having a good time with Mom, Loyd and Grandma.  They spent the first part of the week at mom's house and then the rest of the week they were at Loyd's ranch.  I am so glad I have someone to help out with the kids while we get things in order here.  The pictures below are some mom took and sent home with the kids.
The boys helping Loyd fill in holes.
Jaci feeding the dogs.
Jackson, Jaci and mom ready for a ride.
Tyler and Loyd ready for a ride.

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