Sunday, August 1, 2010


Welcome to August and 7 straight months of blogging with pictures for my 365 Project.
Only 5 more months (or 152 days) to go!
We didn't do much today because it was 105 degrees outside.  It was miserable hot outside and it was miserable hot inside our house.  Everyone was kind of off today and didn't even want to swim.
Jackson has been running a fever all day.  It was about 87 degrees in our house today between the heat outside and the heat inside from me cooking a roast all day.  The oven just heats up this house beyond belief.  Even with it being so hot in here he was bundled up under a blanket all day.  Last time I checked him about 45 minutes ago his temp was 102.6.  That's pretty hot for him.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Poor Jackson - I can't imagine being covered up in this heat!