Monday, August 30, 2010


Today we really started getting back into the swing of things with school.  This afternoon Jackson started back with his tutoring.  We took most of the month of August off which was so nice but today right when I picked Jackson up we headed over there.  It certainly makes for a long day for Jackson by the time he goes to school, goes to tutoring and then has to come home and do homework.  The good news is he has shown improvement and I think we are headed in the right direction.
Tyler had an off day today.  Doesn't happen often but when it does it's rough.  He isn't feeling well and that along with him being upset about my afternoon being crazy just made for a bad day.  I am going to try to get an appointment for him this week.  He has started wheezing so I need to get it under control now.  He apparently is also upset that our vacation at the Great Wolff Lodge is over.  Today he went on and on that we needed to go back etc. and he didn't know why daddy moved us to this little house.  You will notice that both boys are still wearing their wrist bands from there.  They won't let us cut them off.  LOL!
Jaci's big accomplishment of the day was figuring out how to wash her hair like mommy.  Might sound like a small thing but it is huge for us.  She fights us at bath time a lot and does better when she can do it herself.  The problem is she never does it well by herself.  Today I think she finally got it.  I just watched her in the tub while she did it all.  Hopefully she will keep up the good work and bath time will be less of a fight!

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