Thursday, August 19, 2010


5am...Laying in bed I hear an annoying beeping sound followed by some man talking.  I roll over and think it is our annoying neighbors who kept us up until all hours of the night.  It continues and then I make out the words there is a FIRE Emergency.  Jacob catches it at the same moment I do and we hop up and start gathering our things and dressing kids. 
Jaci and Tyler are screaming. 
Jackson is panicking.
Jacob and I are kind of taking our time because we think it is just a false alarm. 
When Jackson looks out the window and sees everyone outside he flips out because we aren't out there yet.
We make our way to the stairwell with the kids, their silkies and animals and the diaper bag, purse and laptop.   It's packed.  Jaci is still crying.  Tyler is upset because he is being pushed and is having a hard time carrying his 2 silkies and 2 animals.  Jackson is still panicked.  We are all still calm until we reach the second floor and are hit by the strong smell of smoke.  Everyone in the stairs starts moving a little faster.
We make it outside with everyone else and wait.
We watch the firetrucks continually come down the road.
We watch the sun rise over the Great Wolf Lodge.
We get tired of waiting and head out for breakfast.
16 Fire trucks and 3 hours later we made it back into the room.
Jacob and I are wiped out...The kids are ready to go.
It could be a very long day but we are going to make the most of it.

I probably won't have internet service tonight (and let's face it...I will probably be too tired to post!), so this will likely be my post for the day.

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