Friday, August 20, 2010


Today we woke up rested after a great night's sleep last night.  We managed to sleep until almost 9 which is unheard of for our kids.  It was wonderful!  After a nice breakfast we checked out and headed to the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine.  We all enjoy going there (although some of us more than others!) and I think that the one in Grapevine is by far the best one in Texas.
The boys...all 3 of them found some things they wanted to go home with.  I told the little kids they would have to talk to their Meme about getting this bay fishing boat.  They thought it was super cool!
After test driving several boats and 4 wheelers we made our way around the store.
The kids were excited to find a bear to take a picture with.  Tyler really wanted to get all over it and see what it was made of.
After the Bass Pro Shop we headed to our 3rd hotel in 3 days.  We didn't really plan things well.  The kids were supposed to go to Henderson this weekend with Jacob's parents but they were all so tired they decided they would rather stay with us.  Our plan was to stay in Dallas while the kids were in Henderson so that we weren't constantly on the road.  I got some great deals on hotel rooms by bidding for them on so it was cheaper to stay in Dallas rather than drive home.  This wasn't exactly what we had planned for the weekend but it is good.
We haven't really ever done something like this with the kids so we are all having a good time.  Of course an afternoon at a new hotel means that we have to go check out the pool!
It was a lot deeper than the kids are used to so Jaci just played on the stairs while Tyler and Jackson practiced swimming.  Jackson surprised us all by managing to swim all the way across the pool.  He was pretty proud of himself.
Tyler was scared at first but decided to try jumping in the pool and letting Jacob catch him.  He then decided to try to swim to the side.  He still has to really work at it but he manages to get where he wants to go which makes us feel good.  At least if something happened I feel like he could get to the side of the pool.
He even tried to swim the entire length of the pool and for all practical purposes managed to do it with just a tiny bit of help from us.  It is great to see how they are progressing.  I am so proud of them both.
Jaci just wasn't into it today.
We are going to see where the day takes us tomorrow.  We might head home and just take a loss on our room for tomorrow night.  We are just going to see how the kids feel and follow their lead.  We might head home...we might stay and relax and swim some more.
It has been a great couple of days with a lot of quality family time and A LOT of SWIMMING!  I am loving it!

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