Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today we got out of the house and headed to Abilene.  We went and had some yummy Red Lobster for our anniversary and then headed out to do a little shopping.
We didn't really buy much until we headed to Lowe's.  I LOVE Lowe's.  I love going into a store where there are so many possibilities and so much inspiration.  I seriously can just to into Lowe's and kill a couple of hours looking around.  It is really fun now going in there and getting ideas for our new house.  Seriously, Lowe's is my Happy Place right now.
Today Lowe's made me especially happy.  While Jacob and the boys were playing on the John Deere Tractors I headed off to the patio furniture section.  I designed our house so that we would have porches extending the entire length of the front and back of the house and have planned to have porch swings and rocking chairs on the porches.  I have been looking but not buying...until today.  Our Lowe's had a weekend managers special going on today where all in stock patio furniture was HALF OFF!  I yelled at Jacob  (because you know...there were people all around and I just knew they would snatch up everything I wanted) and he came quickly with a big flat bed wagon.  We loaded up 2 rocking chairs, 2 porch swings and a little table that goes with the rocking chairs.  I am seriously giddy right now over my bargain finds!  I had planned on buying all of these things for the house but figured we would have to wait awhile to get them.  At 1/2 off I declared it was a happy early birthday present to myself and just bought them.  (I think Jacob was really happy to get them as well and get them at such a good bargain!)  Whoo hoo...I Love Lowe's!

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