Wednesday, August 18, 2010


3 Hours in the car...
$300 per night...
3,000 stairs walked up...
3 little kids who are BEAMING with EXCITEMENT!
I will admit that I was kind of dreading this trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.  I am NOT a water park person.  Not at all.  They kind of gross me out.
Not to mention how hard it is trying to keep up with 3 kids in a busy water park.
BUT...Today (after we got past the first hour of crying by Miss Thing) we had a great time!  It was SO much easier to bring the kids this time around.  Last time they were just too young and it was just so hard and stressful.  Today we could all ride the rides together.  We could sit and watch the kids play in the little kid areas.  It was FUN...and relaxing as a water park where you climb up hundreds of stairs multiple times through out the day can be!  
It was so wonderful to see the kids excitement!
And tonight I have 3 little kids who are snuggling with 3 new stuffed wolves who are totally exhausted from all of the fun we had today.
And we get to do it all again tomorrow!
Days like this are PRICELESS!

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