Saturday, August 28, 2010


This is what happens when to tell a 5 year old boy to clean up his toys in the closet.  He discovered his John Deere room decorations (for the new house) and decided he wanted to see them with his new bedding.  After that he decided I needed to hang up his clock...which I did.
And then insisted that I take a picture of him with his clock.
All this while we were supposed to be cleaning house.
He was my little cleaning buddy today while Jacob, Jackson and Jaci went and bought groceries.  We had a great afternoon together and although there were a lot of distractions we managed to get the entire house clean.  (All while listening to and singing along with 80 music!)
Jaci was also a big helper today.  After supper she helped make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
(They were so good!)
After supper we headed out to enjoy some outside.  Jackson played in the sandbox.
Jaci and Tyler blew bubbles.
I have to say that for it being such a busy day full of work it was wonderful.  Funny how that happens.
Hope you all had a great day as well!

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