Friday, August 20, 2010

231/365 The rest of the day...

As you know the morning started out really early with the Dryer/Laundry Room fire.  We were so tired but headed down to the water park around 9:45 to swim.  We swam from then to about 2 and then the kids went into full melt down mode so we left the GWL and went to lunch and then came and checked into our other hotel.  You have to check out of the GWL at 11 but they will let you swim until 9pm when the park closes.  We decided that swimming all day and going to another hotel was the best choice for us since the GWL costs so much.  The hotel we went to was the Hyatt DFW which is where Jacob and I first met 12 years ago this month.  Almost everything has changed so much that you can't recognize it but when we headed down to the ballroom area it all came back to us.  Jacob and I were standing in the same area the kids are standing in when we first met.  It was kind of neat to go back to where it all started and take the kids there.  (Although I don't think they really cared.)
After resting up a bit we headed back to the GWL at around 6.  We swam from 6-9 and then headed to the big clock for the nightly pajama story time.
The kids really enjoyed it!
After story time we headed back to our hotel and got a great nights sleep. 
(Thankfully there were no fires!)

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