Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today was the big day at the Dentist for the kids.  I was dreading it!  They were dreading it!
I bribed them and they did WONDERFUL!
Seriously I am so proud of them esp. Tyler and Jaci since they didn't do well at all the last time I took them.
(As in we were prying Tyler's mouth open so that the dentist could just count his teeth!) 
Today Tyler went and did the x-rays without me there and did wonderful.  He actually let them clean his teeth as well.  All things that didn't happen last time.
I am so proud to report that all of them are cavity free and their teeth look perfect.  Jacob had to have braces and his family has a history of the boys having missing teeth.  It is something we have worried about since we first had Jackson.  Thankfully it looks like they have my teeth which are straight with none missing! 
What a relief!
After their appointment we headed to Target for school supplies and then for lunch at Chick fil A.
We love us some Chick fil A!  Sadly it is something we don't get often anymore because it just isn't convenient to us.  It was delicious and the kids were so happy to get to go there!
We are now at mom's house and having a great time.  Jacob stayed home to work and take care of things around the house.
(Oh...did I mention that I am comfortably sitting in a house with is wonderful!)

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